Analyses of Leadership interviews

Interview Analysis

Analyses of Leadership Interviews

On this site I have posted multiple interviews with successful and experienced everyday leaders.  These folk have had the experience of working in and leading successful teams, observing effective leaders and led their own selves through their successful careers.

While there are many more interviews to come, I was able to extract some valuable insights from the data from these interviews.

Here are some analyses of leadership interviews:  

Insight # 1 – Continuous improvement:

All ten leaders are actively working on some improvement or the other.  This goes to show that a leader is never a finished article and leadership qualities can constantly be improved.  One should always seek continuous self-development.  

Insight # 1a – Non-technical skills stand out for improvement:

Of all the improvement skills, none were technical – not one!  Listening (2) and communications (2) formed four out of the ten qualities that our leaders are improving upon.  All ten are related to people engagement. On listening, it is worthwhile listening once again to Kevin Sharer’s interview published by McKinsey Quarterly.  Listening, active listening must be part of an everyday leader’s value system in order to effective lead teams.  

Insight # 2 – Fear of failure and confidence:

Fear of failure and lack of confidence are the main deterrents that prevent people from taking up leadership initiatives (15% of the responses).  

Insight # 3 – Subject-matter expertise builds confidence:

Lack of skills was cited as a reason (in 6.5% of the responses) that may prevent someone from taking on a challenging leadership task.  

Insight # 4 – Courage and confidence:

21% of the responses indicated that people are drawn towards leaders that have courage and conviction.  At the same time people are drawn towards leaders that display active listening (12%), are inspiring (12%) and are visionary (12%) – see chart below.

Therefore if you can develop courage and practice the ability to listen actively, you are well on your way to become an effective leader.  

Insight # 5 – Credibility Counts:

Most of the responses brought out other soft-skills in leaders, such as trust, humility, equanimity, decisiveness, integrity, fostering loyalty, etc.  Collectively, these can be viewed as building credibility in yourself, as a leader. 

Based on the responses we have, the following chart shows the qualities that people look for, in a leader:

Interview Analysis

Interview Analysis

If ten interviews paint this picture, what can one hundred show? There is only one way to find out! 

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I am targeting at least a hundred responses, which will then give us a larger representation and more ideas to work with.

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