Effective leadership qualities – leadership self-regulation

Trishit Banerjee

Trishit Banerjee

This post marks the culmination of the first year of Kay Leadership Academy.  On this occasion, I thought of publishing an interview with Trishit Banerjee, a budding “young” leader. 

All of 16 years, Trishit is an accomplished poet, a board exam topper and  a school captain.  His book A little bud learns to blossom  will be available very soon.

I tried to probe Trishit on his successes, and his responses reveal some insights.  His responses follow, and I thought his response to the role-model leader question was very well thought out.  It is easy for us to look up to widely publicized, celebrity leaders, while at the same time not recognizing the abundance of guidance and leadership available at arm’s length.  Trishit also talks about leadership self-regulation and the need to better organize himself.Read on.

Kay: What, qualities do you admire or appreciate in the leaders you like?

Trishit:  Different leaders have different qualities.  I admire compassionate nature in some leaders, the quality of wanting something badly in some and valor and courage in others.

Kay: What are some important factors that prevent someone from taking a leadership initiative?

Trishit:  I feel that ‘responsibility’ is one main factor which pulls others back when there is an assignment to be taken on. One other important detractor is accountability.  These two factors are a huge burden and only the strong minded people who can shoulder these, take on leadership initiatives.

Kay: In your opinion what are some qualities that differentiate a manager from a leader?

Trishit:  The work of a manager is to see and ensure that the things are done in the right way and on time. But a leader is the one who will inspire someone to do a job, sacrifice his own happiness for the well-being of those under him, who won’t take strict actions without listening to the other’s point of view when there is failure in a task and who would understand people, their emotions, sentiments, problems and their views.

Kay: What kind of leader would you be most comfortable following?

Trishit:  A collaborative/democratic leader who has knowledge/skill (i.e. a subject matter expert).

Kay: Who is your idol?  Who did you look up to?

Trishit:  It’s my dad. He is my idol when it comes to leadership qualities. He takes his decisions very practically and who does not fall to the emotional trap. He has a great sense of justice and fairness and is very patient in lending his ears to other’s point of views. He is humblest with the humble and toughest with the tough.

Kay: What are the things that you would not like to see in a leader?

Trishit: Insensitivity, lack of self-respect, pretentiousness, abuse of power and arrogance.

Kay: Do you have a self-development plan? In the next few years, what qualities would you like to develop?

Trishit: Two things come to mind.  I want to regulate myself.  That is, I’d like to organize all my affairs, tasks, schedule, etc. to be very systematic.  The second quality that I am working towards developing in myself is mental strength (that of not being emotionally fragile).  Said differently, that is to be able to separate facts from statements without getting emotionally involved in the situation.

Kay: What is your biggest success story?

Trishit: Topping the standard Xth exams in the face of huge competition is my biggest success story.  I draw a lot of strength from that result.  It is a reflection of the efforts that I had put into the preparations for that exam.

Kay: Thank you for these insights into your personality Trishit and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.  Do keep us posted.

 Trishit’s poems can be found on his website at http://trishitbanerjee.com/?cat=6