This site is maintained by me – Raj Subramanyam – and contains thoughts and opinions that I form based on my readings and observations.

I have a fascination for human psychology and find people’s actions and behavior very interesting.

I have really appreciated reading and been influenced by the many authors that are brave enough to think and present their ideas in the form of a book.  I make it a point to read about 20-25 books each year.  I am constantly looking for book recommendations. My readings center around human behavior and psychology, business and technology.

Professionally, I work for SAP America, ranked # 11 in the top 100 places to work by Glassdoor (Nov 2017).

I have led teams at work in delivering very successful projects and assignments.  In 1996 I led a bank branch, in less than year, to a good inspection performance, which was way better than the previous years.  My team was so happy and appreciated my effort, that one of them composed and recited a poem on me.  I have also led a cricket team to two championships in a very competitive league.

Two of the leaders that I mentor are successfully leading their teams at work.  A number of my friends consistently seek me out for bouncing their ideas and career growth strategies.

I want to bring this experience to help develop confidence and leadership qualities in YOU.

Through the Kay Leadership Academy website, I will bring to you my experience and the lessons that have shaped me and contributed to my success.

Specifically, I will make you aware of why you need to transform yourself, what constitutes true transformation and how to go about it.

I wish I had such information when I started.  You don’t have to– you have them here.

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I want you to get value out of the materials presented on this site, and to effectively transform yourself.

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