How will I know when new posts are published on the site?

Two ways. You can subscribe to the RSS feed or sign up using the form on the home page. If you sign up, you will be on my mailing list and will get notified via email. You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, to get updates.

What is the focus of Kay leadership Academy?

The focus is on gradually and systematically building people engagement and leadership qualities.  I am targeting the impressionable mind – young adults in college or those who have just joined the workforce.  Math, science and other technical skills can be learnt easily and there are multiple academies that teach those kinds of skills.  However to bring great value and meaning in your career, you must develop soft skills that enable you to lead people and take on challenging and complex assignments with confidence.  Teaching those skills is the focus of Kay Leadership Academy.

What do you mean by an everyday leader?

Everyday leader is a person who has to manage everyday activities in dealing with people.  Whether it is communicating effectively, influencing someone, gaining a group’s buy-in, leading a project team, organizing a golf trip, parenting, starting a small business, aiming for an advanced degree or coaching a school soccer team, people engagement skills are required. Kay Leadership Academy helps you develop your confidence and equips you with the understanding of these skills to take on such tasks and ensure a successful outcome.

This site is not aiming to groom the next Mahatma or MLK (although it may produce one!).  It focuses on the everyday leader.

Will entrepreneurship be covered?

Absolutely.  Entrepreneurship is a very high form of leadership.  In fact, I believe that the future belongs to entrepreneurs and the site will have a page dedicated to entrepreneurship.  Material posted on this page would be the same ones that I use while volunteering at the NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) in the Philadelphia area.

I am not from the US. Will I be able to improve my English writing skills by reading articles on this site?

As you read and internalize the material on this site, you will most certainly start thinking differently.  Your thinking will become strategic, contain value and be more logical.  This will certainly improve your writing skills.  I am not sure about the English language skills, but content-wise your writings will be more impactful.

I want to update my resume. Will you help with this?

See answer to the question above (on writing skills). Once your thinking becomes strategic, and you begin to understand your audience, your writing will become more and more influential. A resume is nothing but influencing a prospective hiring manager. Impactful writing will certainly help.  So if you seriously read the material on this site and work on them, you will be able to help yourself by writing better, gripping resumes.

Will there be articles talking about social problems such as bullying in schools?

The material on this site helps build self-confidence, among other skills.  As you develop your leadership qualities, you will be able to analyze problems, devise strategic solutions and tactically execute those strategies.  Dealing with social problems is not different to dealing with other problems on assignments or projects.  While the site may not have any posts directly related to social problems, the material in here will help in managing most problems that “everyday” leaders may face.

Is there an order in which these articles should be read? It seems like a big jumble at this time.

Good observation. At this time I am publishing posts as I finish writing them. But once the site reaches a critical mass of posts, I will rearrange them and establish a recommended reading sequence. If there are certain areas that you wish to learn about or need guidance on, please use the contact form to post a question or write your thoughts. I check every email and will certainly respond.

Will there be a dedicated area for asking questions, like a readers’ forum?

Possibly, in future.  At this time, you can interact with other readers using the comments section that appears below each post.

I am looking for a step-by-step guide to learn leadership qualities. How will this site help?

I encourage you to read all posts on this site, and challenge your understanding of the concepts.  Use the comments section to voice your thoughts and interact with other readers/future leaders.  Use the contact form to send me topics on which you’d like additional information on, or to send me questions.

Slowly, you will begin internalizing important skills and begin building your self-confidence.

Do I have to pay for the materials on this site?

No.  All that is posted on this site is free of cost.

I have been truly inspired by one experience. Can I share it on the site?

Absolutely.  I’d love to hear your story and publish it on the home page with full credit to you.  I will put in my own notes to highlight which leadership qualities were exemplified so as to guide our readers.  You can use the contact form to send me your stories.

Will the site provide a list of leadership qualities?

Yes.  This is currently in progress and will come soon.