Raj is a one of a kind team player, team leader, implementer, strategist, and all-around A player. From the beginning of our MBA years, everyone in our class knew that teaming with Raj was a great path to success on any project. I was in his cluster and knew him throughout our time at Columbia and we worked extremely closely together (including all-nighters!) in Turnaround Management. He is an amazing team player and he embodied the brand of leadership that all organizations need – leadership within a cross-functional team. He is a strategist and out-of-the-box thinker with an instinct for realism – a rare combination! I recommend him without reservation.


“Passion – focus – team player – man of initiative. These are the terms that come to mind when I think of Raj. He is the rare person who combines the energetic ability to step forward and lead (articulate a vision, formulate a plan) with willingness to listen or to step back and make room for the leadership of others. In my interactions with Raj he consistently showed this ability to navigate the full spectrum of leadership capabilities including mentorship, clarity on roles and execution and providing each of us the experience that “Raj has my back”. What I personally found most inspiring was Raj’ ability to maintain his infectious enthusiasm and his high bar for quality even when our team’s deadline neared and the going got tough (and late).”

Gregg Davis, Founder – Impact Consults

“I have known Raj for nearly four years. He is methodical and detail oriented. He has actively pursued advanced and continuing education. Raj has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and new ideas. He spends time seeking articles, quotations and experiences from others. He is a meticulous manager of time wringing the most from every minute.
Raj is himself a leader both professionally and as the Captain of his cricket club. Knowing Raj as I do, I am confident that he will set up gripping content to yield a fascinating and informative view of leadership characteristics and methods on how to develop such skills.”


Raj is a very inspiring and motivating personality. He does not shy from taking important decisions in favor of his team. He stands by his team. On a business mission in a foreign country, he took the decision to not have the team travel to a major kick-off event, given dangerous weather conditions. Moreover, Raj also moved our team to stay in a more comfortable and expensive hotel instead of the company’s discounted rate hotel. Of course, we shared two to a room for the whole 15 days. The team responded to such decisions by putting in more than 15-16 hours of solid work, ensuring the success of the mission.
I have also learned the concept of race-horse vs cart-horse from Raj, and seen him use it to great effect.
I have no hesitation in joining any team led by Raj!


I first met Raj on the field when we played against Marylebone cricket club in 2005. Ever since, this man just amazes me. If I had to describe him in one word, it would be “Passion”. I have not met another person as Passionate as Raj in my life. I played under Raj as a captain for a few years and he is someone who always led by example. Raj is a fearless leader and the team coined him the word “Captain Courageous”. His mere presence would inspire the team and unnerve the opposition.
His match preparation, dedication and commitment is totally unmatched. Raj is a detail-oriented person, very methodical in his approach, inspirational and a great communicator. Another great quality in him is that he is a very good listener. He would also approach his team mates for their input and listen to their opinion. He would then take a decision and communicate it clearly to all. Under Raj’s captaincy, I had complete clarity of my role in the team.


I’ve known Raj for about 15 years and have been amazed at the amount of positive energy he brings to anything he undertakes. He has the uncanny ability to bring out the best in everyone with an unflinching drive to succeed in the most difficult situations. We won the finals of a very competitive cricket league in New Jersey in 2006 under very trying rcumstances. A significant portion of that credit goes to Raj’s captaincy and leadership and his never-say-die attitude. It was a very proud moment for our team since we played together as a “star-team” as opposed to a “team of stars” . This performance reflected on Raj’s pragmatic, down-to-earth approach towards team-building without compromising on discipline or quality. Raj always stands by his team and is a true friend who offers sincere advice, encouragement and mentorship. I have immensely benefited from having known Raj and can guarantee that any organization will benefit from his leadership and out-of-box thinking.