Transform. You.

Transform yourself to lead great teams, successfully deliver on high-impact initiatives and remain relevant in the Digital Economy.

When is the last time you “re-skilled” yourself?  5 years ago? 3 years ago?

Are you still doing the same job, or in the same role that you were in, say, 2 years ago? 4 years ago?

The Digital Economy (automation, data, connectivity, analytics and artificial intelligence) is evolving at a mind-blowing rate.  Already we are seeing signs of what is to come – a total transformation of the jobs scenario.

One has to get very comfortable with machines around them, understand data and analytics and figure out what they will be able to continue doing!

You need to understand what is going on, what is coming at you, why it is important to change, why it is important to change NOW, and how to go about this transformation!

The free courses online, or the franchised ones (where a middleman, re-gurgitating canned material, is the teacher) or the one where you get a certificate which gets parked on your shelf gathering dust, just do not help.

If you are not developing each year, you will be quickly left behind!

You need to get it firsthand from someone who continues to do this on a regular basis.

You need someone who will get you off the procrastination state, i.e. light a fire under you, propelling you into action.

You need a small support team that will steer you, help you and push you into action, giving you a greater chance of reaching your transformed state.

I think and write about the future of work, and work of the future.

The First Transform. You. program.

This was a hugely engaging event and everyone is now fired up.

At least one lead was generated, PABs (Personal Advisory Board)  were established to continue momentum and a starting network was built.

Some of the participants inquired about a similar program for fresh college graduates!

One executive said the program shattered all his expectations.  He is now confidently presenting and asking for more challenges at work!


Next Transform. You. program.

Brace yourself for a life-changing experience, one that will totally change your thinking and galvanize you into action.

The program is a one-day interactive session – date and venu.

Timings: 9.00 am to 5.00 am 

The program can only accommodate a small number of participants.

Registration information will be posted soon here.



Raj Subramanyam – published author, leadership blogger, panelist and speaker; business and technology professional and psychologist.


We will cover the current state of the Digital Economy, why one needs to change, why now, assessing one’s strengths and aspirations, where to play and how to win.

Most people are hesitant to produce content and shy in building relationships.  We will cover these two important aspects as well and help you build a compelling online presence.

Simply attending doesn’t cut it.  You need to have a force working with you and pushing you to achieve your goals.  This is the role of your own Personal Advisory Board, which will help you run “YOU” like a corporation and we cover this as well.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

or email Raj directly at



Registration information will be posted here soon.




The sessions were enriching, and has definitely lit a fire under me!

The program is like an energizing movement.

It provided me with insightful information on self-development, collaboration and growing my network.

This program shattered my expectations.  I feel I am ready to take on higher challenges.